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Think Tech Hawai‘i: Resource Efficiency, the Stepchild

October 2023

October 11, 2023 - Todd Hassler joints Howard Wiig for Think Tech Hawai‘i Code Green on Resource Efficiency, the Stepchild. 

The multi-faceted advantages of deconstruction are astounding! It’s no wonder a growing number of municipalities are actually requiring the deconstruction of homes instead of wasteful demolition. Upon enlisting deconstruction services, you’ll tangibly benefit your family, others in the community, the natural environment, and even your own financial bottom line. It reduces the harmful effects of natural resource extraction, transportation, and energy consumption for new building materials. It also perfectly useable material for reuse and creative repurposing and keeps material local, reducing additional adverse harvesting, mining and transportation effects.

Watch the entire episode of Think Tech Hawai‘i here.