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PVA and Canaan Builders win big at BIDCA

January 2024

The 2023 BIA Building Industry Design & Construction Awards (BIDCA) were held Friday, January 19th to recognize excellence in quality construction and design of new and remodel projects in Hawaiʻi.

Sherri Smith, Peter Vincent, and Mitz Toguchi
Sherri Smith, Peter Vincent, and Mitz Toguchi at BIDCA ceremony

Peter Vincent Architects and Canaan Builders had a tremendous night at the BIA Building Industry Design & Construction Awards (BIDCA) by taking home Grand Awards for Koko Kai Cliffside and PVA Harbor Court Office, “Best in Hawaiʻi Living” for Koko Kai Cliffside, and the Overall Grand Award for the PVA Harbor Court Office.

BIDCA Award Trophies
BIDCA Award Trophies


PVA Harbor Court Office  

After three decades in their original office space, Peter Vincent Architects decided to relocate and create a new headquarters that reflects their evolving business in the post-COVID era. Recognizing the need for a workspace that strengthens collaboration and inspires creativity as well as encourages employees to return to the office, the firm undertook a 4,137-square-foot interior renovation in the Harbor Court office building.

The entry features a welcoming area that gracefully transitions into a multifunctional kitchen, serving as a hub for entertaining. A suspended wooden trellis provides a more intimate feel and a contrasting release when entering the open studio with 19ʻ tall ceilings. The floor-to-ceiling windows allow preferable indirect northern light to flood the space. 

Sustainability was a guiding principle in the new design. Large ceiling fans, daylight controls, and occupancy sensors minimize the amount of energy consumption.  Various fixtures, equipment, signage, furniture, artwork, and even the front door from the previous office were relocated and given new life.  A strong connection to the natural environment was also incorporated in the form of multiple fiddle leaf fig trees, red sealing wax palms, areca palms, and other native plants.

 Modern features are incorporated, such as multimedia conference rooms and various types of meeting spaces, tailored for both planned and spontaneous collaboration.  The unique layout provides areas for privacy while providing a visual connection throughout the entire office.

Koko Kai Cliffside Renovation

Koko Kai Cliffside Renovation engages the senses with visual and design connections to the natural environment beyond creating a modern, calming residential refuge. The house was built in 1978 and renovated in 1994 and was very dated, in poor condition, and lacked any charm or sense of cohesive design. The location, however – at the very end of Portlock – was very dramatic and offered 180-degree views of the Kaiwi Channel.

While demolition and a new build may have been the obvious choice, a clever renovation was instead deemed more appropriate. Renovating saved cost, reduced permit duration, and was a more environmentally sustainable solution. The interior was completely gutted and the main stair, which connected the house’s five levels, was moved and replaced with a new “floating” stair, skylit from above to bring natural daylight through the center of the house.

The design capitalized on the coastal location and 150-foot elevation above the ocean, which gives the sense of being on a ship. The interior was opened up to expand the magnificent views. Wood frame “bulkheads” reinforced the sense of a ship aesthetic and defined interior spaces. The materials, furniture, and art reinforce the location and proximity to the ocean throughout the design. The dated “dolphin” pool was replaced by a new infinity-edge pool, raised spa, and Ipe wood deck. The design intent was to smooth the lines and create a clean, contemporary look. Introduce light, natural materials, and neutral pallet that do not compete with the breathtaking views.

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Conference Room

PVA Harbor Court Main Conference Room

Koko Kai Cliffside Primary Bedroom