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Exterior photo of Brew Moon Restaurant & Microbrewery at dusk

Brew Moon Restaurant & Microbrewery

The design scheme elevates the appreciation of beer and communicates the subtle qualities of the handcrafted product. Materials were selected for their expressive, textural qualities. For example, quilted bird's eye maple is used for the table and bar tops, hammered copper and sandblasted stainless steel accent the flat but more colorful painted forms, and colored cast glass adds a final layer of richness.

Interior photo of Brew Moon Restaurant & Microbrewery with bar tables and stools

Honolulu, Hawaiʻi

  • 1999 AIA Award of Excellence
  • 1999 AIA Member's Choice Honorable Mention
  • 1999 BIA Renaissance Building & Remodeling Overall Grand Award

Warm beer tones were combined with cooler moon colors for the overall palette. Custom light fixtures were designed to reinforce the phases of the moon and wall-mounted lights portray the technological aspects of the brewing process.